Our Services

We offer multi-modal logistics services through the following different transportation modes

Pan India Logistics Services

We have different container sizes from Bolero pick-up truck, 14ft. 17ft., 19ft., 20ft., 32ft., and 40ft closed containers. We can arrange both, PTL and FTL freight shipping, to help in shipping your orders between warehouses to distribution points. We offer door-to-door pick up and drop of all cargo above 10 Kg and can service any pin code and location across the country. We offer Tech integrated support system where client will be assigned with dedicated logins which helps them in getting Live updates, Live tracking, Pre and Post delivery reports, GPS/SIM enabled tracking system.

Tech-Integrated Packaging Solution

Picking, packing, and shipping services from the core of our order fulfillment operations. You can outsource the management of these operations to us. Each time we receive an order from your customer, we will locate the nearest warehouse from where the order can be serviced, package and pick it up from the location, transport it to your customers’ location, and deliver it.

Delmoc offers a range of packing and kitting services to help businesses streamline their logistics operations. Our team has wide experience in handling a variety of goods and materials, and we use the latest packing and kitting techniques to ensure that your products are packaged safely and securely for transport.

Our packing and kitting services include:

We take great care to ensure that our packing and kitting services meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Our TMS technology and optimized service delivery processes ensure efficient packing and kitting operations, and hence, our clients can be rest assured that their products are packaged and shipped safely and in time. By outsourcing your packing and kitting needs to us, you can focus on your core business operations and leave the logistics to us.

Installation & Deployment Services

Not every business can afford to dedicate time and resources for implementing full-scale material handling systems. For such clients, Delmoc offers a range of installation and deployment services to help businesses smoothly and efficiently install and deploy their products and equipment.

We use the latest and best packaging and transportation practices to ensure that your products and equipment can be moved to the desired locations and installed and deployed safely and effectively.

Our Installation and deployment services include:

Warehouse Management

Delmoc offers comprehensive warehouse management services to help businesses streamline their logistics operations. We have a total of 4 warehouses in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai offering a total of 1 lakh square feet of warehouse space. We specialize in offering a range of warehouse management services, including inventory control, order fulfillment, and shipping and receiving. Our barcode-labeled warehouse locations facilitate smart inventory movement as well as error-free receipt of goods, storage, replenishment, shipping, and other such activities. The barcodes also enable goods movement analysis such as cycle counts while also keeping records for package returns, transfers, adjustments, and so on.

The use of TMS software enables us to have a proactive approach to warehouse management, identifying and implementing strategies to improve efficiency and reduce casts. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and quality control in our warehouse operations. You can trust us to ensure that your goods are stored and handled safely and securely in our warehouses.

Third-Party Logistics (3pl)

We provide end-to-end 3PL service solutions including storage warehouses and distribution to minimize operational hassles for our industrial clients and help them streamline their supply chain functioning. Our clients often seek out our third-party logistics services to eliminate the trouble of managing non-core operations.

We also help them save on costs by helping them tap into our economies of scale. As a 3PL provider, we handle all aspects of logistics for our clients, including transportation, warehousing, and distribution. We offer a range of 3PL services, including FTL, PTL, and intermodal transportation. Our 3PL solutions are totally flexible and oriented towards meeting the unique needs of our clients. We use the TMS software to optimize our 3PL services, including real-time tracking and visibility.